Friday, July 22, 2011

Update on Dad

So it is Day 5.  Still not sure what is going on.  Might be thyroid, infection, heart, kidney, liver, and I am sure might be something else. 
We are praying, stressed, worried, laughing, I am sure we are crying, what thoughts do you not have when you see a loved one in the hospital.  Today has been the most trying one of all.  Dad, went for fluid withdrawal and well his Blood Pressure bottomed out and he almost flat-lined.  I was not there but had a fear come over me that was so strong it was difficult to deal with. Made it to the hospital and he was doing some what better.  Most recent update he has been moved to ICU, so he can be monitored more closely.
The thing is, what does it all mean?  I do not question the man upstairs.  You know they always say God never puts more on you than you can handle. Agreed.  I am sure there is some hidden meaning behind it all.
Here is the thing.  I am not immune to hospital scares, close calls, etc.  But when it becomes someone so near and dear to your heart, someone that you know would do anything for you at anytime if needed, who has provided love and comfort for so many years, etc it becomes difficult to be apart of it all.  He was there for me when I was young and there for me now, but it is so difficult because he is my hero and right now I cannot help the hero get back up. He has fallen.. But there is one good thing about all those hero stories, they usually rise again.  I know God will give him the strength he needs to get back up and conquer the world.
I do not want to appear as selfish because I know so many have lost loved ones as well.  But I am slowly feeling the pain that you have, or have had.  My thoughts are with you and your families as you have dealt with or dealing with the same struggles that face me and my family now.  I have FAITH that GOD has a plan and he will watch over dad. 
We love you dad. 

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