Monday, February 20, 2012


Last night 2/19/2012. 
While we attended Greensburg Church of the Nazerene in rural Kentucky, Bro Greenway made an everlasting impression on me and Jetona.  While going through his on struggles with a death in the family he God used this man and spoke to the crowd there.  Finally, I understand all of that reading in Exodus about the tabernacle they build, so that was a teaching moment for me.  However, it was what he said about following God that struck me the most.   A week prior I delivered a message about The Race and Running With God.  What Bro. Greenway said was to praise God all the day long.  Not just in the morning, not just in the afternoon, not at night before bed.  But ALL DAY LONG!!!! 
So as we were driving home last night I laid the challenge out, to PRAISE GOD ALL DAY.   I told Jetona when she woke up out of bed that I wanted her to shout to the Lord and praise him, I let her know that due to the fact that I can sleep through anything this would not bother me.  In return when I wake up I will not do it unless she is already awake, because she has a tough time returning to sleep.  Well morning has come and I heard it.  It made me smile. 
Folks I am not hear to tell you what to do, when to do it, how to do it, etc.  But I offer a challenge to each of you.  Let's start praising the Lord daily, lets dive into the Bible and start to digest it more than just In the beginning God created (Gen 1:1), or the stories about Arks, Ten Commandments, The Birth, The Death, The Resurrection, etc.  Don't get me wrong its great to know all of these stories, but it's what we do with these stories. 
So how many of you will jump on the challenge with me and my family?

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