Friday, August 17, 2012

Curtis Martin Speech-Praise

“Out of all the things that I have achieved, one of the things that I have learned, is its not necessarily what you have achieved in life that matters most, but it’s who you become in the process of those achievements that really matters.” – Curtis Martin
If you have about 30 minutes to spare. I highly recommend watching this speech by NFL Hall of Famer Curtis Martin.  It truly is an inspiration. 
He talks about his life growing up, the struggles and what caught me is that he never really liked football.  The speech gave me some great motivation and perspective on my life. 
I believe we all face a lot of adversity in our lives, lots of failures and disappointments, but instead of allowing those things to get us down and beat us up, lets try and find the positives. 
I want to take a moment and give praise for all the things in my life.  I am fortunate for everything I have been blessed with.  Last night as I stopped by my parent-in-laws house, I left saying that the life I have been given,  the struggles, the battles, the achievements, etc truly are all a part of God's plan.  Each and every day I wake up, I am reminded that God has a plan that is greater than anything I could ever imagine.  I feel so unworthy at times and I think we all lose sight of the many blessings that we can be thankful for. 
So if you have not done it lately or maybe never done it at all, take a moment and thank God for the position He has placed you in good or bad, because at the end of the day He knows what He is doing.  Do not make it generic and say Lord thank you, place a little authenticity to it.  Be specific.  List out the things you are thankful for: your family, job, home, etc.  Also, take the time to ask Him to assist those around us who might be going through things that we know nothing of. 
Remember when life is going great, its easy to praise Him for the things we have been blessed with.  Its even easier to forget the struggles we have faced at points in our life.  Still praise Him for that too.  Because as I said He has a plan for each of us.
Blessings to each of you on this Friday.   


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