Monday, May 2, 2011

The Inspiration of Rich Mullins

I am not sure if many of you know the story of Rich Mullins.  But in Sept 1997 he was taken from this world in a vehicle accident when he lost control of the vehicle he and a friend were in. Both were ejected from the vehicle and Rich was thrown into an on coming semi tractor trailor. 
The reason I bring up Rich is because he was a simple man, called upon by God to do His will and way.  Rich took a lot of heat because of his laid back demeanor, he was known for going on stage without shoes, unshaven, etc.  You will see in a video I have shared below that he is nothing more than just a mere human being nothing flashy, nothing special but his love for God.  He wrote several note worthy songs, Step by Step, Awesome God, etc  Each has been covered by other Christian singers over the past 14 years.  But here is what amazed me more than anything.  (Rich even with all his success, never became as well knows as the likes of Michael W. Smith, Ray Boltz, etc.) He lived off a modest average mans salary about 24k a year.  He actually didn't want to know how much he made so he never knew what he had.  He had a group of cohorts who over saw his earnings and saw that everything was given away. That was their job, every penny he made outside of the annual 24k was sent to missions, charities, etc.  That was the type of guy Rich was.  Just watch him in the live video you can see the man in tears that was his love for God.  Listen to his moment of testimony, Rich got it. Do you? 
Makes you want to be something more doesn't it?  This is a true inspiration to me. 

It came at a time that I need it most.  As I strive to be more, I some times get lost in the things the world has out there.   The never ending carrot of corporate America, but there is something I will never have enough of money.  I am fine with not having the money, but it is the time part that I am having the most trouble with accepting.  In my pursuit of worldly possessions, being a provider, etc. I have sacraficed time in pursuit of the dollar.  My vision, my purpose, has been clouded.  But it is the new year that has brought about the value of time.  I have been blessed with a job in which I see 1,000s of high school students on a yearly basis, I help those individuals aspire to go on and pursue college opportunities, but in some occassions its the kids I get to witness to that brings me great enjoyment.  However, I am still governed by Corporate America, I am still saddened, still lost, uninspired, but I can no longer be managed by a clock working 40-80 hrs a week.  I can no longer consider making money as my biggest motivator. I have found a new motivator, my purpose is to do His will and His way. Some will see it as radical but I see it as just putting it all out there, have faith, and let Him provide. At the same time making myself more available to those who need me most, family, friends etc.  I have wasted and lost to many hours in my adult life and I will no longer lose that time.  I do not want to be a flipvideo/youtube father one day.   Now it is finding that equal balance between work and life that I must pursue.  I have to become something more and get my time back. God has greatly blessed me and my family over the past few years and it is because of those many blessings that I want to continue to strive to do more for Him.
I ask that you pray for me as I continue my pursuit of finding a comfortable balance between work and life.  But more importantly in my pursuit of Him.
I hope that you can find yourself striving to do more over the next couple of days and weeks.  Blessings.

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