Sunday, April 24, 2011

Additional Thoughts

Pilate gave Jesus over to be crucified.  If Jesus lived in during this time How many of us would stand up and speak on behalf of Jesus?  How many would face the outcome that would face a believer, a follower?  Think about this while Pilate was up there trying to work around having to give Jesus up for crucifiction he brought out a notorious prisoner Barabbas (revolutionary/murderer) he asked the crowd that was gathered who they wanted to see released, the crowd responded Barabbas.  Pilate asked what should be done and they all responded Crucify, Crucify. 
Can you believe that yet today there are still so many that are still blind to Jesus being the Son of God, still to this day people would rather have a criminal released back into the world than have a believe, a follower, etc released.  Please continue to pray that those that are lost will be moved to the point that they will choose to follow. 

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