Thursday, April 28, 2011

Since I Have My Life Before Me

I have been reading a wonderful book called Crazy Love by Francis Chan (which will be paraphrased below).  First I need to tell you all that I am not a reader, I have read more pages in the past two weeks than I probably read between high school and college combined, but God has placed a love for reading in my life.  In addition, reading brings about knowledge.  Crazy Love does a great job of combining life lessons along with mixing Gods Word in the book.  So, not only am I getting the great knowledge and growing via one mans accounts I am also growing spirtually within Gods Word.  As I continue to aspire to be more of what God planned for me, I have been in deep reflection.  I have started to face down some of my own issues: guilt, pride, faith, trust, etc.  All of which we all face at some point in our life. 
Lately, I have been stressing (which I have found means I am not having faith in God) about time.  Earlier in the week God laid on my heart the conviction of time. As I continue to explore my purpose for God, He has placed some great ideas for doing possible church sermons on me,time being one. So I have created a 3 part series starting with Are You Ready?  I am one of those people who feel that if your there at 9 and the appointment was set for 9, your late. I believe that when your ready your ready.  Jetona can confirm this because I leave out all the time and arrive places so early I could have spent more time with her or doing something else.  But as I started to read Crazy Love I came across a subtitle: Are You Ready? Fitting? I think so. 
However, it was the story I read about a girl named Brooke Bronkowski that has touched me greatly and I would like to share it with you. Brooke was fourteen years old, she was in love with Jesus, while in Jr High she started a Bible study.  She spent her money on Bibles that she could distribute to unsaved friends (she gave unselfishly).  Youth pastors heard about this and donated boxes of Bibles for her to give out.  But it is the essay that she wrote at age twelve that has been stuck in my memory bank all week long.  Read Below

"Since I Have My Life Before Me"
By Brooke Bronkowski
     I'll live my life to the fullest.  I'll be happy.  I'll brighten up.  I will be more joyful than I have ever been.  I will be kind to others.  I will loosen up. I will tell others about Christ.  I will go on adventures and change the world.  I will be bold and not change who I really am.  I will have no troubles but instead help others with their troubles.
     You see, I'll be one of those people who live to be history makers at a young age.  Oh, I'll have moments, good and bad, but I will wipe away the bad and only remember the good.  In facts that's all I remember, just good moments, nothing in between, just living my life to the fullest.  I'll be one of those people who go somewhere with a mission, an awesome plan, a world-changing plan, and nothing will hold me back.  I'll set an example for others, I will pray for direction.
     I have my life before me.  I will give others the joy I have and God will gime me more joy.  I will do everything God tells me to do.  I will follow the footsteps of God.  I will do my best!!!

It was during Brooke's freshman year that she was involved in an accident while heading to the movies.  Her life was ended, but her impact didn't.  1500 people showed up at her service, they shared poems she had written about her love for God.  Everyone spoke of her example and her joy.  Almost 200 people gave their life to God all because of this girl.  In one day she brought more people to the Lord that most ever will. 

It is hard to phathom that one girl, a teenager at that made such an impact on so many around her.  My question to you is what are you doing with your time?  Are you ready?  I have 1 nephew, 4 neices, 1 cousin all under the age of 10 years old.  I have always heard be careful what you do because kids will look to you and will pickup your habits etc, I pray that they can only see the good in me and that I can be like Brooke and inspire people to come to Christ. 
Before we can truly start to make a difference though we need to do a self examination and see where we can do more, become more for Christ.  I am not saying we have to become radicals, but is part of why we are here on Earth is to please Him.  He created us to bring pleasure to Him.  He created us in His imagine.  He knew us before we were born.  Most importantly He has a plan for us.  So family, friends, strangers, if tomorrow doesn't happen, if today is your last chance to say goodbye, the last time you take a breathe, the last sunrise/sunset, the last time you ride/drive in a car, last time you hold that loved one(s) in your arms I ask respectfully ARE YOU READY?  Remember when it comes to your time God does not discriminate, baby, child, teen, adult, mom, dad, brother, sister, etc.  My hope and prayer is that when your clock has ran out, that you WERE READY

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