Monday, April 18, 2011

A Brief Introduction

Hello All:
I hope that this finds you well.  Over the past several months I have found conviction from the Lord to do something more for him.  That conviction has grown more and more every week as I begin to strive for all the many blessings I know he has in store for me, my family, and the world around me.  But before I start to blog about my journey I want to give you a little background about me.  I am not striving for worldly possessions or to gain some type of nationwide prestigious opportunity by blogging about my journey.  What I am trying to do is through my expressions of my walk help someone, somebody, or help you strengthen your walk as well.
While reading the introduction (my cleansing process as I like to call it) there will be a few things that come out that might sound like your life, they may upset/hurt some people, but at the same time you have to understand that I am trying to put myself out there for the better good.  Its much like when you go to accept Christ as your personal savior, we must be humble in our approach. 1 Peter 5:6 says Humble yourselves, therefore, under the mighty hand of God so that at the proper time he may exalt you,  also feel free to use this site as it has several scriptures about being humble. This is also away for me to cleanse myself and deal with several of the demons from my past.  I have never been an expressive person through spoken expression, written expression has always been my outlet.  So as you read through my blogs in the future, I will be using several self reflections as I am doing internal therapy on myself to overcome my past and move forward with my future. 
As you will notice the title of my blog is I Am A Salesman.  I thought it to be catchy because I am indeed a salesman. I have been in professional sales of education since 2006.  I have started to realize that this is just part of God's plan.  He placed me in sales, because he is going to use my talents (being a people person, liking to talk, leadership, etc) for him to assist in bringing people to him and helping others who have left and are ready to come back home. 
Now for the background:
My name is Garrett Milby, I am 28 years old, I am a son/son-in-law, brother, grandson, nephew, uncle and husband to some very amazing people in my life.  I grew up in rural Kentucky, Greensburg, KY that is.  Its a great little place, one of those places that everybody knows everybody.  Its the type of place people (outsiders) like to make fun of but at the same time its a great place to grow up in.  I am going to fast forward through all the genology stuff.  I will spare you.  However, I will bring you into to my world of about the age of 7.  My parents were divorced, my maternal grandfather had cancer, my paternal grandmother was suffering from rheumatory arthritis (RA), I moved from in with my father, this list goes on.  I suppose this is about the time that I first faced adversity in my life.  Moving forward at the age of 10 my dad started dating and later remarried, I inherited a stepmother, and two step sisters. More adversity, more on that later. 10-16, things were good, I was blessed with a baby brother, my faith in Christ started to grow, things seemed good. At the great age of 16-21 I found myself lost, I felt as if I didn't belong anywhere in the world, I was all alone.  So, like most teenagers I sought acceptance in places that I had no place belonging.  I got my first set of wheels and started to rebell a little (nothing to major) just doing things that teenage boys do.  My one release throughout high school was football, I was always the type of person who held all my emotions inside, I never spoke about what was bothering me, I just kept to myself and once my emotional cup filled up I would have those moments of unleash to empty the cup only to fill it up again.  It was football though that let me unleash my anger, hatered, disappointments etc.  On the football field the meaner you were, the harder you hit, the more acceptance and praise you received. After high school was over and dealing with bouts of minor depression over lost ones, the fact that it was over, failed relationships (puppy love), family moving away etc. I enlisted into the military, was it a good decision I am not sure, but in reflection it was away to run away from all the things of my life, to get out of that small town and start a new.  I found out though that you can't run from everything.  That life has away of going with you, and that God will find you no matter where you travel too.  During my first stint in the military I found that being far, far away from home was not the place for me.  I found that I loved my family more than anything, I also found that being accountable, well I didn't have accountability.  It was through an error by my recruiter that I found my loophole to get out, or was it because God had another plan for me.  I was released and came home in Feb 2002.  Now, the real stuff began.  I moved to Louisville, KY, I got a job and started on the process of going to college.  That fall I started to community college with no purpose, I had a job working 40+ hours a week, I got back in with some of the friends of my past.  Needless to say accountability still was not my strong point.  I was placed on Academic Probation, my thought was who needs college anyway.  I am smarter than most people who are there.  Plus, working, making money was much more important.  What a mindset to have.  I was still lost.  It wasn't until the Spring of 2003 that things really started to look up for me.  It was in the Spring of 2003 that I started talking with my wife.  We were friends from back in high school, she asked me to go to Prom with her as her date had backed out on here.  Well I had nothing going on anyway so I accepted the invite.  After Prom we didn't talk and later on that fall we started dating and have been together ever since (accountability maybe). It wasn't always easy, but now almost 8 years later it was the best blessing that I have had in my early adult years. In 2004 I reenlisted into the military after dealing with the way I left the military to begin with. I had been dealing with the internal conflict that I had let my country down, it was getting to the point that I could no longer look at myself in the mirror, I felt like a failure (accountability maybe)  But it was all part of Gods plans, if I had never been released then I would have never met Jetona.  Also, if it wasn't for rejoining the military I would have never realized my true educational potential and never went back to college.  So, as you can see he has a plan for us all.  In 2008 I was married to Jetona, we moved back to our hometown and have been here ever since.  Any one who says marriage is easy is a bold face liar, dating is one thing but marriage is another.  But I wouldn't change it for the world.  I started attending Jetona's home church of Bethlehem Baptist it was a little different considering I grew up in the Nazarene Church.  But I have always been one that said I do not follow a denomination I am a Christian.  But it is here at Bethlehem Baptist that I have started to find my way, it is here that I have started to tap into my potential and God's true calling for my life.  In 2010 during the Heaven's Gates/Hells Flames play on a Sunday evening is when things changed for me, I rededicated myself to him.  It has been since that day that I have started to long for his guidance, his will and way, it is there that I found my ACCOUNTABILITY.  Fast forward and it is 2011 and thanks to Bro Gary, I have now found part of my truest calling, to become A Salesman For Christ. 

I look forward to having you as a follower and to start a wonderful spiritual journey together.  I am not going to say it is going to happen overnight but I hope through my words, thoughts and sharing that I can help you along the journey. 
Have a blessed day.

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  1. All I can say is amen. I look forward to many more post. Love ya.